September 21 - Ocotober 9th 2006

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As you can see, Esly has just gotten engaged!

Here is the happy couple.

Esly Carrero & David Stampek


Up on the left is David & Ron (esly's brother-in-law).

To the right you will see David, Esly, Ruben (esly's brother), Ron, Isaac in yellow(esly's nephew),

Lory (esly's sister), Odette (esly's mom) and Priscilla (esly's niece).



This was at an assortment of different restaurants from Florida to Tennessee.

The people on the right in the last picture were some really nice friends of ours

that accomodated us with free "Dollywood" tickets in Tennessee.



Left: Isaac (esly's nephew) & David.

Right: David, Dakota (son of a friend) and Sheyah (dakota's dog)


"Racoon Mountain" and "The Lost Sea"

in Tennessee.



Cabin Fever!!!!

Benton, Tennessee



Awww... say goodbye to Tennessee for a while. :o(




Up on the left is Ruben (esly's little brother) and David.

Up on the right is a shot of Esly & David just after church let out.





Cocoa Beach - October 8, 2006

Pastor David Uth on the left from "First Baptist of Orlando" and Esly on the right.



Left: "First Baptist of Orlando" crowd..............Right: Pastor David preparing everyone for the Baptism.



Friends and Family show up for moral support.



Before and After shot.


Esly Baptised in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit!

Priase God!