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Bio: My name is Esly Stampek formerly known as Esly Caline Carrero-Febo-Stampek. I was raised in Orlando, Florida in the U.S. but have settled out in Melbourne, Victoria Australia with my wonderful aussie husband, David Stampek.

I'm a self-taught artist who has worked in Traditional Animation, Book Illustration, Web Design, Logo Design, Caricatures & Humorous Illustrations for corporate and private parties and events in Central Florida.

My admiration & love for life (next to God & my family) is using every avenue of art that I can. I can honestly say that doing what I love for a living is quite satisfying. My ambition & desires come from God; Therefore, I love using it as a service unto Him.

Other Hobbies: I enjoy reading God's Word, facebooking, working-out, playing guitar, rollerblading, roller coasters, computers, gadgets, christian apologetics & expressing the love of Jesus onto others.

My advice for all others is to pursue and engage what you love to do even if it doesn't look promising. Trust in Jesus & He will direct the path that's right for your life.

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