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These are my random websites where I post my updated art, express my interests, thoughts & views as well. Feel free to check them out. Some of them require you to be registered. But you can still browse around if you feel like it. Have fun!


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Way of the Master
Ray Comfort
Wretched Radio
Fish With Trish
On the Box
Tony Miano
Bible Gateway


Some people have a hard time expressing their beliefs.. some are afraid to even talk about them... but from my stand-point I personally do not.

We are all part of the ultimate statistic 10 out of 10 people die. That's not a scare-tactic, it's just the truth. The appointment comes sometimes when we least expect it.

The Holy Bible claims to know the truth of what happens after we die. So either it's correct & all the others are false or it's false & therefore doesn't matter.

But if there is a 1% that it's true, there is a standard by which God measures us on. So make sure you know what that is. Make sure you have the 1 thing you need before you leave earth... Jesus. Do your research, and if you don't believe, ask God to show you the truth. Do it with an open heart - not a presuppositioned made up mind... or else He'll never show you.

God RESISTS the PROUD & gives GRACE to the HUMBLE.

I believe the bible when it says there's only one truth & many opposing falsehoods. Go make sure you are following the truth before it's too late! :-o

*Praying for all of you!*


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Here are some resources and great material for all artists. Some of these sites that include: Glen Vilpuu, Chuck Jones, Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston amongst many others are some of my favorite artists ever! Many of these guys taught over at Disney's Feature Animation back in the day.

I'd suggest you get their books and/or dvd teachings. They are pretty incredible & will give you lots of great pointers you've never taken into consideration. The rest here include a few networks and/or tutorial type websites for the growing artist. Enjoy!


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Dale Jackson_StratoArt
Michael McElroy
Keith Sintay
Mark Simon
Eddie Pittman
Keelan Parham
Caricature Connection
Dan Lietha
Steve Silver
Tom Richmond
Glenn Ferguson






These are all artist friends I've known throughout my years and fellow colleagues too. They're NOT in any particular order from best to worse or worse to best (so if you're one of these people don't get bent out of shape) I love you just the same. :)


I've learned something from every single one of these people. Some more then others... but they all exceed in some type of wonderful talent either in Animation, Caricaturing, Sculpting, Illustrating and/or making me laugh. :D


Some are close friends from the old Disney's Feature Animation crew before everyone got layed-off. :-P


Some used to work or still work with Steve Fasen Arts at Universal Studios.


Others are buddies of mine from Caricature Connection over at the Walt Disney World in Orlando.


And last - but not least, mostly all of those who are caricaturists here, have been a part of the (NCN) National Caricaturist Network Convention or still are. That's how most of us can keep in contact.


If you are a caricature artist & you've always wanted to drench yourself in a room full of nerdy artist.. go to at least one of these! It will change the way you draw (for the better!) The link is up above in the resource section of this page.


Well, I'm glad to have met all of you and I've appreciated your friendship for as long as we've known eachother... I miss you all - since I've been living here, down-under. I won't forget you! ;) Hopefully, someday I'll be hangin' with you all again.


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Walt Disney_The Illusion of Life

The Illusion of Life

by, Frank Thomas & Ollie Johnston

I've never met an animator who hadn't had this in their collection of books. This is a must and it is a highly recommended on a very high scale!

Mark Simon


Facial Expressions

by, Mark Simon

Mark did a great job making this book. This is probably the greatest reference book ever made for ANY TYPE of artist!

He now has some cool Ebook companions to go with this. Check them out HERE.



Learn to Draw Caricatures_Keelan Parham

Learn to Draw Caricatures

by, Keelan Parham

My Caricature Connection boss from Orlando, Florida. This is an awesome book! It helped me so much learn how to draw & cope with the caricature business of retail. This will teach you a fun way to make money.

ANATOMY A Complete Guide for Artists

by, Joseph Sheppard

Sorry for those who see this one as a bit graphic. This was my very 1st Anatomy Book. I think I drew over each drawing about a hundred times so that I could learn & memorize the human anatomy. People used to think I was studying to become a doctor or something.

(weird, I know)

Dynamic Anatomy

by, Burne Hogarth


If you wanna learn to draw... pick up all of Hogarth's Books. He's like one of the modern day Leonardo Da Vinci's.


Drawing the Human Head

by, Burne Hogarth


This is so important to learn. You've gotta learn the basics if you want to strive to get better.



Dynamic Figure Drawing

by, Burne Hogarth







Dynamic Light and Shade

by, Burne Hogarth


This is great if you wanna learn about contrast. If you're into comics.. get this one for sure.



Dynamic Wrinkles & Drapery

by, Burne Hogarth


This is also another great study.





Bridgman's Complete Guide to Drawing from Life

by, George B. Bridgeman

Here's another modern Da Vinci of our time. I have many of his books.. although for the sake of condensing space.. I will only post one. This guy is really talented!


Drawing The Head & Figure

by, Jack Hamm


Jack Hamm is another one of my favorites. He's a lot fun to learn from! He's got many other great books available!!



Catooning the Head & Figure

by, Jack Hamm


Learn how to manipulate real life into cartoons with Jack Hamm.



How to Draw Animals

by, Jack Hamm


I like this one cause there's such a variety of animals to learn from in here. It also shows you how to simplify as well.


Creating Characters with Personality

by, Tom Bancroft

Tom does a great job in this book. He's an amazing artist. I knew him back in the day.. between my late teens and mid 20's... but, he's probably forgotten who I am by now.



by, Christopher Hart


Christopher Hart has some awesome books. This is one of many that he's published. It's also a favorite of mine.


by, Tony White


This is great to learn about timing and arch's in animation.





by, Preston Blair

More to learn about Timing in animation.This one also teaches about how to configure dialogue into animation which is a big plus!


How To Draw Blitz CARTOONS

by, Bruce Blitz

Bruce is a very nice, cool guy if you know him. In his books he will teach you ways to draw QUICK-FAST illustrations. This is for the caricature aritst as well as the average illustrator.



by, Normon Adams and Joe Singer

Very Detailed drawings in this one, but it shows you a vivid picture of what the anatomy looks like underneath the skin of these animals.



by, Ken Hultgren


This is a must have. It teaches you line of action and shows you how the muscles work when animals are in movement.

How To Draw Comics The Marvel Way

by, Stan Lee & John Buscema


Fun Book! It teaches about Perpective, Contrast, Comic Anatomy and everything!






Here are some Great Art Books I highly recommend that you add to your library collection at home. There are many many more in my library.. but this would end up being such a long list.. you'd fall out of your chair. So... I'm just posting SOME of my top fav's.


If you click on them.. they will link you over to the Amazon Site if you feel you'd like to purchase them online. Sometimes they will even give you a sneak preview of the book.


I own every single one of these and get to enjoy them over and over again. If you can't afford to purchase them.. I suggest you try & look for them at your local library.


Soak yourself into these books if you want to learn to draw with an ease. These show you the underline basics of all you need to learn in much of the art world. They have been a delight to me.. and still are!

So, go enjoy & learn lots!











2012 © Esly C. Carrero - Stampek



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